Old Rock Star Zodiac

The Ox (1944, 1965, 1973, 2002, 2013)

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Traditionally, the Ox is known as a zodiacal sign of prosperity through hard work and dauntless resolve. They are regarded as responsible, dependable, intelligent, and financially conservative — traits that would be helpful in the year ahead to be sure, but not typically rock-star-like.

But the Year of the Ox bodes well for music. It heralds a time of quiet brilliance and heightened technical proficiency. While it conversely may be seen as a subdued or less “flashy” year, the steadfast nature of the Ox assures that everyone reaps the benefits and rewards that the year has in store.

The Ox is known as a placid yet hardworking musician, content in his/her own prolific method of creativity. They are dedicated to their art and their craft, but never forget how to have a good time and a good laugh with friends. Modest by nature, Oxen may nevertheless adorn themselves in different ways to bring greater attention to their talents, but they are perfectly content to focus on their technique and/or songwriting – without much regard for commercial success. They are, in this way, the consummate artist, steadfastly resisting the urge to bow to the slick, over-produced commercial music industry and all its trappings.

Oxen say very little, but are intelligent and articulate when the occasion calls for it. Their eloquence is often overlooked, but they are highly regarded for tireless dedication to their work. Of all the signs, the Ox is the most capable of enduring any level of hardship without complaint.

Because it is in their nature to forge ahead and not succumb to bouts of artistic ennui, Oxen can become easily exasperated with other musicians who flounder for years without much musical production. Oxen should be careful not to bite the hand that feeds them, nor snort the drugs they’re offered by any stripper, but they shouldn’t negate their own individuality or they may be at risk for continual resentment. The best roles for the Ox in music include producer, composer, part-time hellraiser or bass guitarist.

Colors: Black, anything sequined
Polarity: Yang
Lucky Numbers: 905, 515
Element: Thunder
Positive Traits: Dependable, artistic, talented, humble, witty, prodigious, modest, intelligent, creative
Negative Traits: Passive, materialistic, resentful, bad with money, propensity to overindulge
Other Oxen: Lucinda Williams, Pharrell
Compatibility: Best with Dogs, Spiders and Loons.

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