10 Questions with…Brazos

Photo: Ben Sklar

Today on ATWN we welcome Martin McNulty Crane V, the creative genius behind Brazos. Brazos sophomore album ‘Saltwater’, which SPIN Magazine called “…a collection of nine deceptively complex pop tunes that recall the Shins at their most adventurous.”, was released in May. Brooklyn based, but Austin raised, Martin sat down and tackled our 10 questions about writing, reading, and what happened to his old Honda Civic.

Your sophomore album, Saltwater, is full of beautiful, and daringly, layered tracks. How different are they from your demos?

Thank you! They are pretty different. They have a different kind of energy, but I can’t describe it. I want to record an acoustic version of the record just stripped down. I will send it to you when I do.

 Fantastic idea! Now, I’m sure your fans, and our readers just discovering you, would love to know if an acoustic version of Saltwater is really a possibility?
I think so. We will see. The demos of the songs were all stripped, and I wrote them to be played on an acoustic guitar.
What was it about Herman Melville’s ‘Moby Dick’ that inspired the title-track off your new album, ‘Saltwater’?
The ease with which Ishmael deals with the world around him.
Photo Credit: Bjork/Harp/Lores

Photo Credit: Bjork/Harp/Lores

One book, and one band…
Unquestionably, Bjork writes the best love songs. If I wake up in the middle of the night, I read the bible and I’m able to fall asleep, whether from serenity or boredom.
Movies or Books while touring?

Gazing out the window like Bjork’s “I Miss You”.

Fiction or Non-Fiction?
The biggest similarity between poetry and songwriting is…
Sensuality. Words should feel like the are having sex with each other.
Has there recently been a book that one of the three of you couldn’t put down?
Ben Lerner is really funny.
Hardcover, Paperback, or Kindle?
What happened to the infamous 1990 Honda Civic station wagon you used to move from Austin to New York?
It blew up – literally white smoke. I had to get towed. I got the oil changed in this shack in New York, and I think they didn’t do it right, but the car wasn’t worth anything except to me.
 Thanks to Martin for sitting down and going through our 10 Questions. You can pick up his sophomore album, ‘Saltwater’, released on Dead Oceans here, or through iTunes. If you would like to see Brazos live, you can check out their tour dates here.