CD_1 September 11

The Compact Disc – Why I’m not ready to quit them just yet.

My family and I recently closed on and moved into our new house. After nine months of displacement in a tiny apartment (with 3 kids and 3 dogs, mind you) I can’t tell you how very exciting this time is for us. We are thrilled to have a true home again. We are also thrilled […]

gilded September 08


As a fan of All the Write Notes, I’m thrilled to be sharing with you my playlist for SILVERN, the sequel to GILDED. Music is a huge component for when I’m creating a world for my stories. I love building an atmosphere and a mood through my words so when I write my first drafts, […]

DIY September 04

Why I Decided To Go Punk And Self-Publish My Debut Novel

I’m jealous of my friends in bands — for a farther-reaching reason than because they’re better at karaoke than me. It’s because they always seem like they’re doing something. They’re releasing singles! They’re dropping music videos! They’re playing shows! They’re having myriad nervous breakdowns via my GChat window. (All y’all are probably thinking that last […]

IMG_1558 September 01

Labor Day!?

Not going to lie. Sometimes holidays confuse me. Like Easter. With the bunny and the eggs. But Labor Day? That one, after a bit of research, is just as straight-forward as it sounds: it was organized in 1882 as a day of celebration, tribute, and rest for working men and women, and it happens on the first Monday in September for […]

sequels August 25

Sequels and Sophomores

We’ve all been there. We’ve read a new book or listened to a new album and absolutely fell in love. We re-read and re-listen and soak in the magic. Then, to our utter delight, we discover that the book is going to have a sequel! Or the artist is already working on a sophomore album! […]

kiss August 21

Five Songs for Kissing

It’s no secret that I use music to help me write. Typically, it’s either the lyrics or the beat of the song that helps me through a scene (lyrics for the super emotional ones, beat for the action scenes). But when it comes to kissing and romance, the songs I listen to have to have that […]

FRACTURE August 14

ATWN Guest Post: YA Author, Melanie Hooyenga – The Pressure of Number Two: Let Lorde Lead the Way

Hello Everyone! I’m so excited because we have a special guest today on the blog! YA author, Melanie Hooyenga has stopped by to share a post about writing that second book. If you haven’t read her novels FLICKER or FRACTURE, you’re missing out! I also have the pleasure of knowing Melanie in real life too, […]

memorex August 05

Summer Mix

I’m about 2/3 of the way through my summer.  Being a teacher, I have a very clear definition of what my summer actually looks like and my summer is coming to a close.  Don’t get me wrong, I’m not whining.  I’m very aware that I still have about twenty days left of unabashed work-free living (although, […]

servantsofthestorm July 24

ATWN Interview: YA Author Delilah Dawson

Welcome to Delilah Dawson, author of the YA Southern Gothic Horror, Servants of the Storm! We wanted to the get the inside scoop on how music played such an important role in the creation of this creeptastic novel. Can you give us the blurb or even an elevator pitch about Servants of the Storm?  Southern […]

Goos July 17

the Rebel Beat

“Can you hear that noise? It’s a rebel sound. We got nowhere else to go. And when the sun goes down, and we fill the streets, You’re gonna dance ‘til the morning to the rebel’s beat.” ~Rebel Beat by The Goo Goo Dolls Guys! Live music! Am I right? Because you know what? I’ll admit […]

Raidersteaser July 14

What’s The Score?

Note:  This post is a little bit inspired by this fantastic post  on soundtracks by ATWN’s own Tonya Kuper.  I highly recommend you read it. It’s that time–Summer movie season.  If you had guessed, my pick for Song Of The Week here at All The Write Notes is based on a Summer movie, Guardians Of The […]

gems July 10

Hidden Gems

When it comes to great books and music, one of two statements usually apply: 1. Everyone is talking about them. 2. No one is talking about them. (But they should be.) The first statement is very prevalent. Turn on your local radio station. Check out the NYT Best Sellers list. There are some great songs and books, and […]

BETWEEN cover July 07

Arc Giveaway (over) & 10 Questions + With…Author Megan Whitmer.

Today at All The Write Notes, I’m excited to have “10 Questions With” our own Megan Whitmer. Megan’s debut YA Fantasy, Between, is out July 29th on Spencer Hill Press and she stopped by to chat about her book, music, and writing. Oh, and Megan has graciously offered up an ARC of Between to giveaway […]

final.jpg July 04

Where My Memories Are Found

I’m feeling a bit nostalgic. I just moved, and not across town. I packed up my family and moved half way across the country. I don’t regret or begrudge the reasons for the move, but it has been a huge struggle. And still ongoing. And will be until the end of August. So what’s my […]

Crying Dawson June 30

5 Songs To Cry To.

Hello! I hope you’re having a good Monday so far! So lately there’s been a lot of sad in my reading, writing, and movie watching. In honor of the many cries I’ve had lately, I thought I’d compile 5 of my favorite songs to cry to. Everyone needs a good cry, right? Oh man, Logan. […]

18106165 June 26

Guest Post: Author Jen McConnel talks witches, theme songs, and why everything’s better in threes + GIVEAWAY

I’m super stoked to introduce Jen McConnel today! Jen’s the coolest! She’s also the author of the recently-released YA novel DAUGHTER OF CHAOS, and she graciously agreed to pop over, talk writing & tunes, and give away a paperback copy of DOC. So after you read about why EVERYTHING is better in threes… be sure […]

The_Lego_Movie_poster June 23

Soundtracks Matter

I’ve talked about my appreciation of movie soundtracks before, and even my enthusiasm for accompanying playlists for novels, so it should be no surprise that I revisit this topic further. Along with the other writers here at ATWN, I LOVE the idea of music being a companion and/or influence for other arts, including stories – […]

crying June 16

How Querying Is Like Dating — And How To Deal

When I first started querying agents about my YA novel, my very good friend — and crit partner — Stephanie Feuer told me, “Get ready. This is gonna be worse than dating.” At the time, I didn’t believe her (I’m a 20something single woman who lives in Brooklyn… Can anything be more challenging than that?). […]

h0746BDA3 June 12

The Funk: A Call For Help

Consider this my call for help. (this is me…the one being hugged) It’s not often that it happens. That horrendous, painful abyss I call The Funk. It’s when I’m completely devoid of all inspiration to listen to old music, find new music, and simply touching my iPod makes me bored. It’s truly awful. But what’s […]

On The Road Cover June 09

“On the Road to Find Out” Blog Tour – Guest Post Rachel Toor



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